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Substation Design

Substation Installation

SCADA Development

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Relay Panel Construction

In House Relay Panel Construction, Installation and Testing

Engineering Studies 


Engineering Studies



Why Choose Orion?   


“Our guiding principle is that we won't be happy with the project outcome unless you are.  We accomplish these successful outcomes through continuous communications with our customers to insure that we are knowledgeable in their needs and priorities and that they are aware of the status of their project at all times.  All company personnel make a personal commitment to completing all project work to the highest level of quality possible, while still meeting project schedule requirements.”

· The project team has over 100 years of combined experience in electric utility engineering studies, design, operation, and maintenance. 

· The lead electrical engineers have completed numerous projects in relay system design, substation design, SCADA design, and commissioning and testing. 

· Our project lead engineers have worked in testing, commissioning, and maintaining utility equipment in addition to engineering and design.  This enables us to design power system projects so that the equipment can be easily operated and maintained in a safe and reliable manner.

        Engineering Tools


We have developed numerous engineering tools to help our clients solve engineering problems and work more efficiently.  Check out our Tools page for details on the available tools. 

        Our Approach

Orion Technical Services’ approach to each project is customized to the client and the requirements of the project.  Our basic approach to any project is as follows:

· Identify the Scope, Schedule and critical path as early as possible for each project.

· Work closely with the client’s team to provide the required deliverables in a timely manner. 

· The design team manages progress and schedule of design and deliverables.

· Maintain efficient and timely communications with clients, vendors and other stakeholders to   identify critical project issues for resolution.

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