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  Additional Projects


The projects provided below represent a sample of the projects completed by Orion Technical Services, LLC.  Additional Projects may be accessed by selecting the button at the bottom of the page.  To contact us for more information, please click HERE. 


For a printable copy of Orion Technical Services, projects please click HERE.

        Substation projects                            


Foxhill 230-34.5 kV Substation, Stroudsburg, PA - This project entailed the construction of a new230-34.5 kV distribution substation. The various protective schemes included in the project were:

1) Redundant Fiber optic Current Differential protection scheme for bus tie protection
2) Redundant Directional Comparison Blocking protection on the 230 kV line feeding the station
3) Transformer and distribution line protection

In addition to performing the short circuit analysis and specification and coordination of protective
devices, completed the control circuit design used in the substation.


Lorane #1 Bk Replacement Project, Reading, PA - This project included the replacement of an existing 14 MVA 69-13.2 kV transformer with a new 28 MVA 69-13.2 kV unit. Protection schemes upgraded as part of this project included new transformer differential protection, as well as, microprocessor based transformer overload and distribution feeder protection.


Glendon 115 kV Rebuild Project, Easton, PA - This project included the replacement of 115 kV line protection at six (6) terminals and transformer protection for two (2) 115-34.5 kV transformers.  Determined the protective relay schemes to be installed, as well as, the settings for all of the relays.  Completed the control scheme design and assisted the technicians in commissioning and testing the new schemes.


 Warren 230 kV Substation Project, Warren, PA - This project entailed the installation of a new 230 kV breaker terminal, 230-115 kV auto-transformer, and relay replacements at two (2) remote 230 kV terminals. Responsibilities included substation expansion, specifying equipment, protection and control design, determining all of the relay settings and supervising the commissioning and in-service testing of the equipment installed. Developed test plans and provided training for the technicians on the testing of all relays.


Tower Hill 115-34.5 kV Substation Project, Mansfield, PA - This project included the installation of a new 115 kV terminal at an existing substation and the construction of a new 115-34.5 kV Substation.  Completed the substation design and protection scheme design, including panel layout and wiring design. Determined all of the relay settings necessary. The substation protection was performed almost exclusively with microprocessor-based relays. Provided training and supervision for the commissioning and in-service testing of all of the equipment installed.


Pleasureville 983 Line Terminal Project, York, PA – This project entailed the engineering required for the addition of a 115 kV line terminal at the Pleasureville Substation. Project design included the design of a new 115 kV terminal including box structure addition, new circuit breaker, new line protection panel utilizing a directional comparison blocking scheme using power line carrier equipment. Developed all of the relay settings required for the project.


East Sayre Relay Replacement Project, Sayre, PA – Completed the design of a new 115 kV line protection panel to replace an existing electromechanical relay panel. Also, developed all relay settings required for the project. Project management activities included coordination with an interconnecting utility and their customer on meeting the project schedule and requirements.


Westgate Substation, York, PA – Project engineer for the $1.2 million addition of a new 115 kV – 13.2 kV substation with 2 - 115 kV breakers, a 28 MVA transformer, and 13.2 kV switchgear.


Hunterstown Substation, Gettysburg, PA – Project was to add a new 500kV shunt capacitor bank recommended by the power pool to increase power transfers from west to east. This included a 500kV capacitor bank and an associated 500kV circuit breaker. This also included a programmable logic controller to automatically switch the capacitor breaker for system conditions that require the capacitor to be tied to the system. Responsibility for this project was substation design, protection, and control design, and relay settings.


Northwood Substation, Forks Twsp, PA – This project was to determine the failure mode of two 230kV – 34.5kV, 125 MVA transformers, specify and manage the purchase and design of a new replacement transformer, and to specify and manage the repair of the second failed transformer.  Responsibility for this project was to analyze all operation and failure data to determine what caused the failures and specify the design requirements for a new transformer. Responsibility also included following the transformer through design, performing the transformer core and coil inspections, overseeing the final testing, and providing field direction for the installation. The requirements of the project also included overseeing the disassembly of the second failed unit and working with the manufacturer that was redesigning the unit to assure all our requirements were met.


Yorkana Substation, York, PA – Project scope was to add a second 230kV – 115kV 200MVA autotransformer to the existing substation. Project responsibility included, specifying and managing the purchase and design of the new transformer, complete all substation upgrades, determine the relay schemes required, complete all control design, perform fault analysis, and complete all relay settings.


Erie South 230kV Shunt Capacitor Bank Installation, Erie, PA – Responsible for installation, testing, and commissioning for the addition of two (2) 65MVAR substation shunt capacitor banks. This included major modifications to the 230kV bus and the relay protection. Scheduled 230kV bus outages, coordinated construction and testing crews, planned the work in stages to allow for only short outages of the 230kV bus to tie in major systems. Also responsible for preparing as-built drawings for the project.


East Windsor 500kV substation expansion, Windsor, NJ – Project Manager for the design, installation, and testing of a second 500kV – 230kV, three phase, 870MVA transformer and 230kV ring bus at Jersey Central Power & Light’s East Windsor substation. This project also included 500kV line re-routing including a new double circuit 500kV tubular steel pole design, and 230kV line rerouting.


United Coorstack, Reading, PA – This project included replacing a failed 69kV – 13.8kV, 14MVA transformer, upgrading transformer protection, performing a lightning and insulation coordination study, performing a relay coordination study, relay settings, and adding power quality metering to the substation. Construction specification and coordination was also provided.


Fairchild Semiconductor, Mountain Top, PA – Designed and commissioned the installation of a SCADA system to gather transformer and feeder load and status information from the substation and send it to their plant control system.


North Temple Substation, Temple, PA - Replaced both 230-kV 112 MVA transformers and associated equipment with 224 MVA transformers. Expanded existing 230-kV substation and reconfigured straight 230-kV bus to a (5) breaker ring bus for (5) 230-kV lines and (2) 224-MVA transformers.  Construction was completed in its entirety

while keeping at least one transformer and most of the 230-kV lines in service at all times.


Harley Davidson Substation, York, PA – Addition of a new 115 to 13.2-kV substation owned and operated by Harley Davidson. Consisted of (2) 25-MVA transformers, (9) 13.2-kV switchgear breakers and (6) distribution feeder circuits.


Lewistown 230kV Shunt Capacitor Addition – Designed the installation of a shunt capacitor bank at Lewistown 230kV substation. Responsibility included substation expansion, specifying capacitor bank, and coordinating installation.


Casey County and Windsor Substations, Kentucky – Completed relay and control scheme design for 2- 161kV to 69kV East Kentucky Power Cooperative substations. Responsibility included design of AC and DC schematics and development of panel wiring diagrams for 7 – 161kV and 69kV relay and control panels. Engineering was completed for Harlo Corporation who was the relay panel construction contractor.


Beeghly Heights Substation, Jacksonville, FL – Completed the design and drafting for wiring diagrams for 8 – 138kV and 3 – 27kV relay and control panels for Harlo Corporation on an expedited schedule. All drawings were issued 1 week ahead of schedule.


         Generation projects                            


Portland Unit #5 Combustion Turbine Project, Portland, PA - Reviewed/specified and determined settings for all of the protective relaying equipment used to protect the 150 MVA generator and associated equipment. Also, was assigned the responsibility for commissioning this equipment during the period between July and November of 1994. Developed a test program and scheduled and supervised the contractors hired to do the testing. In addition, worked closely with the manufacturer's commissioning engineers during the "Primary Test" phase of the startup and test program.


York Haven Generating Facility, York Haven, PA – This project scope was the upgrade of the 1926 hydroelectric generating facility. Project included new electrical equipment and addition of automatic control. Scope included replacement of generator switchgear, main switchgear, 4 kV – 115 kV step-up transformers, station service switchgear, station service transformer, and updating the 115 kV utility interconnection.


Solar Turbines, York, PA – Project was for the installation of 8 small combustion turbines at Caterpillar Tractor substation. Responsibility was utility project engineer working directly with Solar Turbines and their engineering firm to specify protection requirements, review their protection and control drawings, and make recommendations to allow them to meet the utility requirements and to help them control the costs for interconnection. Responsibility also included protective relay settings for the interconnection, review generator and associated auxiliary protective relays, and review of the final as built protection and control drawings.


Combustion Turbine Upgrade Project, Metropolitan Edison Co., PA – This project included the upgrading of the turbine and generator protection and control schemes of eleven 20MW dual fuel fired combustion turbines. Responsibility was protection and control engineer for the replacement of the electro-mechanical generator and turbine control schemes with a PLC based scheme. This included upgrading automatic synchronizing schemes, frequency protection, voltage restrained overcurrent protection, high and low voltage protection, loss of excitation protection, and generator differential protection.


Reliant Energy – Titus Station, Birdsboro, PA – Completed the design, installation, and testing to upgrade the plant coal handling switchgear to handle a new coal blending system. Performed short circuit and relay coordination studies for switchgear relaying and the substation feeds to the switchgear.


Reliant Energy – Titus Station, Birdsboro, PA – Completed the design, installation, and testing of the new feed to the stack electrical system and upgraded Unit #3 station service switchgear to source the new feed. Purchased and installed cable, termination enclosures, current transformers and new protective relays, performed short circuit and relay coordination studies for switchgear relaying and the substation feeds to the switchgear, and completed relay testing and in-service testing of the new feed.


Ontelaunee Energy Center, Temple, PA - Installation of new 230-kV switching station for a 540 MW natural gas fired generating facility owned by Calpine.


AES Ironwood Substation and Switchyard, Lebanon, PA – Project and Engineering Manager for the design, installation, and testing of a new 230kV utility substation and the owners 230kV switchyard.  The project also included splitting an existing 230kV transmission line and relay upgrades at the remote terminals, including the addition of dual high speed relaying schemes on the two lines formed from the split.


AES Red Oak Substation, Sayreville, NJ - Installation of new 230-kV switching station for a 765 MW gas fired generating facility owned by AES.


Handsome Lake Energy Center, Kennerdell, PA - Installation of new 345-kV switching station comprised of a (3) breaker ring bus in support of the Handsome Lake Energy Project, a 250 MW gas fueled power plant owned by Constellation Energy Group in Kennerdell, PA.


Ocean Peaking Power, Lakewood, NJ – Responsibility included completing a proposal to replace the existing conventional RTU with a PLC based SCADA system, completing secondary current and voltage testing to confirm metering data, and performing a grounding review of the facility.


         Engineering Studies                           


Siegfried (USA), Pennsville, NJ - Performed site electrical evaluation, composed single line diagrams of their entire power distribution system, completed power system modeling, load studies, short circuit studies, protective device coordination review, and future planning studies.


INGENCO, Richmond, VA – Completed utility interconnection studies for two of their generation development projects. Provided a report including design requirements, single line diagrams, and protection requirements that would be necessary to attach their generation to the utility grid.


         Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Applications                         


Birdsboro 69 kV Restoration Scheme, Birdsboro, PA - This scheme was designed to automatically reclose three (3) 69 kV circuit breakers and a 13.2 kV transformer breaker upon an operation of the adjacent transformer protection scheme.


Stroudsburg 34.5 kV Circuit Breaker Transfer and LTC Control Scheme, Stroudsburg, PA - This scheme performed an automatic circuit breaker transfer between two (2) 34.5 kV circuit breakers feeding a distribution substation. Also incorporated into the design was an automatic LTC control for two distribution power transformers in the substation.


Lickdale Sectionalizing Scheme & 13.2 kV Tie Switch Scheme, Lebanon, PA - This installation included the sectionalizing scheme mentioned above and a 13.2 kV tie switch scheme used to close two (2) 13.2 kV tie switches to pick up feeders in the event of a transformer failure. Due to the loading and characteristics of the feeders involved, the scheme also performed an automatic change of relay settings on ABB DPU relays prior to performing the transfer.


Warren 115 kV Circuit Breaker & Relay Potential Transfer Scheme, Warren, PA – This scheme performed a bus transfer for two (2) 115 kV circuit breakers between two isolated 115 kV busses.  Prior to performing the transfer, a successful transfer of relay potential needed to be performed and verified. A 115 kV reclosure scheme was also provided for one of the circuits.


Erie South 230-115 kV Auto-transformer LTC Control Scheme, Erie, PA - This scheme was installed to perform manual tap changes for three (3) parallel 230-115 kV auto-transformers with different numbers of LTC taps.


PLC-based RTU Projects – Completed PLC programming for ten (10) PLC-based SCADA RTU systems.  Programming of the PLC was completed utilizing IEC 1131 programming language and included not only the development of the PLC resident software, but also configuration and programming of various protocol converters utilized to communicate with other intelligent electronic devices (relays and meters).


Remote Terminal Unit Standard, GPU Energy, Reading, PA – This project included redesigning the control and data acquisition system platform at GPU Energy to be able to provide the current control and analog data requirements using communications systems and to be easily expandable to provide substation automation with minimal wiring changes. This project got national attention and was published in T&D magazine and numerous presentations were given on this project.






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