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The projects provided below represent a sample of the projects completed by Orion Technical Services, LLC.  Additional Projects may be accessed by selecting the button at the bottom of the page.  To contact us for more information, please click HERE. 

          Relay Panels                             
Orion Technical Services has provided design and construction services for numerous different types of relay panels/enclosures.  The pictures below show some representative examples of past projects.  Picture 1 is a sample of a generation interconnection panel.  Picture 2 is a sample relay and control panel.

Sample generation interconnection panelSample relay and control panel



PLC Panels                             

These pictures are of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) enclosure that was designed for a subtransmission sectionalizing scheme.  The scheme monitors line voltage and automatically opens and closes two (2) motor operated air-break switches to sectionalize and restore the subtransmission line.  Developed the standard scheme design and detailed installation print package, developed PLC software, provided scheme documentation and performed training on scheme maintenance and operation for field personnel.

LP StandardLine Panel



Substation Projects                             

The pictures below are from some sample substation projects.  The first pictures are of a typical 15 kV metalclad switchgear lineup showing a line protection panel for a distribution circuit.  Different configurations of switchgear (indoor, outdoor, shelterclad, etc) can be specified to meet the customer's needs.  The third picture is of a portion of a 230kV substation yard designed for a merchant generation interconnection.

LP StandardLine Panel



 Line Design                            

The pictures below are from a 34.5kV line design project for an merchant power plant facility.  Project scope included route selection, structure design, structure and guy loading calculations, bill of material creation, and construction technical support.  Some of the structures utilized for the project were modeled  3D to show the customer what the structure would look like and to verify clearances since one of the structures was of a non-standard design.

LP StandardLine Panel



Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems                          

Various SCADA systems have been designed and configured to meet specific project requirements.  SCADA systems with Human Machine Interface (HMI) capabilities as well as advanced applications such as generation broker revenue metering transfer have been designed.  Picture 1 shows the SCADA system with local HMI.  Picture 2 shows a Polemount RTU with Multiport Capability. 

SCADA system with local HMIPolemouont RTU with Multiport Capability



Engineering Studies                         

Performed site electrical evaluation, composed single line diagrams of an entire pharmaceutical plant power distribution system.  Completed power system modeling, load studies, short circuit studies, protective device coordination review, and future planning studies.  Completed an electrical classification study of the plant facilities to properly classify all hazardous locations per the NEC. 

LP Standard



Transformer Failure Analysis & Protection Addition                         

The pictures below are from a forensic analysis that was performed on a failed 69-13.8kV 14MVA transformer which failed during a lightning storm.  Project responsibilities included the forensic analysis, completion of a lightning protection study, and the addition of a microprocessor-based transformer protection relay to provide additional transformer protection.

LP StandardLine Panel


         Power Quality Metering System                            
The pictures below show a power quality metering system that was designed and constructed by Orion Technical Services, LLC for a large pharmaceutical company.  The company had experienced numerous disturbances/interruptions of their main utility supply and needed a system which would detect these disturbances and alert operations personnel, as well as, capture the events for analysis.  The system includes an alarm light to notify the operations personnel and a communications link to the company Ethernet LAN via a fiber optic link.  Other communications options were provided for future expansion and connection to the company's DCS system.  Training on the operations of the system was provided to the client along with engineering support to review event records and provide a root cause analysis of the operations.

Power Quality Metering SystemPower Quality Metering System 2


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