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  Technical Services  


         Substation Design                             
From minor substation upgrades to complete new substations, Orion Technical Services has the expertise and experience to provide a quality design package that will meet or exceed your expectations. Services provided are:


  • Design of distribution and transmission substation

  • Substation modifications

  • Equipment specification

  • Construction specification

  • Project Management for design and construction

  • 3D Modeling and rendition

  • Complete testing and commissioning services



Emergency and Non-Utility Generation Design                             

Orion Technical Services’ personnel have designed non-utility generation interconnection installations from 100kW generators interconnected on utility distribution systems to 750MW power plants interconnected to bulk transmission facilities. We offer the following services for both utilities and generation developers:
  • Coordination with local utility on interconnection requirements

  • Utility interconnection application and design

  • Switchyard Design

  • Generator and interconnection protection coordination and relay settings

  • Start-up and test



Revenue Metering Design                            

Orion Technical Services can provide complete revenue metering design and systems that will meet all utility requirements for both generation and load metering. Services include: 


  • Specification and design for revenue metering systems
  • Testing and commissioning for revenue metering systems
  • Complete turnkey metering system fabrication and installation through
    approved contractors



Overhead and Underground Line Design                            

Orion Technical Services provides transmission and distribution overhead and underground line design for all applications. We have the experience to design multiple configurations to meet the requirements of the project and customer's budget.  Services include:


    • Overhead wood pole design
    • Overhead steel pole design
    • Tower analysis
    • Foundation design
    • Underground residential developments
    • Underground design, both direct bury and in conduit or duct bank
    • Telecommunication line or telecommunication attachment to existing facility design
    • 3D modeling and rendition



          Automation & SCADA Systems                        
From traditional RTU’s to complete substation and distribution automation, Orion Technical Services has the experience to specify, design, construct, and fully commission complete automation and SCADA systems. The following services can be provided:


  • Automation specifications and scheme development
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) installation and programming
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications
  • Communications system selection and application design
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Supply systems completely mounted and wired in enclosures or cabinets
  • HMI Display Development
  • End to end integration testing
  • Training Services


        Testing Services                            
Orion Technical Services offers a complete design, testing, and commissioning solution for protective relays, electrical equipment, and complete substations. In addition, we offer training programs on maintenance and testing.  Services provided are:


  • Protective relay testing
  • Control scheme maintenance and functional testing
  • Testing on newly installed and older systems
  • Testing services for electrical equipment (circuit breakers, transformers,etc.)
  • Training programs for maintenance and testing



           Protection & Control Scheme Studies & Design         
Orion Technical Services has extensive experience in control scheme development and design, fault study analysis, protective device coordination, and relay settings ranging from distribution applications to bulk transmission applications. Services provided are:


  • System modeling and short circuit analysis
  • System stability analysis and transient studies
  • System protection adequacy review
  • Protective device coordination studies
  • Relay settings
  • Arc Flash Hazard Studies
  • Control scheme specification and design
  • Relay and control panels
  • Digital fault recorder (DFR) application
  • Complete turnkey fabrication and installation of relay and control panels
    and control houses through approved contractors
  • Complete testing and commissioning services
  • Training Services



 Planning Studies           

Orion Technical Services can provide detailed computer modeling of power systems for efficient planning of power systems upgrades and enhancements. The following related services are available:


  • System modeling and load flow studies
  • System expansion studies services
  • Motor starting, voltage flicker analysis
  • Power factor correction
  • Emergency restoration procedures
  • Reliability assessment



Operation Review & Analysis          

Orion Technical Services can provide complete electrical system operation analysis from operations of protective equipment to forensic analysis of major electrical equipment failures. We provide the following services:


  • Root-cause operation analysis
  • Protective relay operation review
  • Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) operation analysis
  • Forensic analysis of electrical equipment failures



Maintenance Program Development          

Our personnel have extensive experience in protective relay and electrical equipment maintenance and testing. We can provide a complete electrical equipment maintenance program customized to your specific needs. Services include:


  • Development of maintenance programs for electrical equipment
  • Audit of existing maintenance programs
  • Audit of existing electrical facilities
  • Preparation of single lines and equipment databases
  • Training on maintenance programs



Load Management        

Our engineering, automation, and revenue metering background provide us with the skills necessary to analyze the merits of load management for your facility and provide you with a reliable management system which can yield significant savings on your electric utility bills. Services provided are:


  • Customized cost/benefit analysis to determine viability of load management
  • Design of manual and automated load management systems for demand control
  • Training for operations personnel on the issue of load management and the impact of equipment scheduling on utility costs



Industrial Facility Services      

In addition to the services listed above, Orion Technical Services can provide a complete suite of services to meet the needs of industrial customers in the management of their electrical infrastructure. Services include:


  • Load flow and coordination studies
  • Single line preparation
  • Electrical classification studies for hazardous locations
  • Power quality analysis
  • Motor control center (MCC) design
  • Emergency generation additions
  • SCADA and automation
  • Equipment failure forensic analysis
  • Maintenance program review or development
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Reliability assessment



Management Consulting Services      

Orion Technical Services has provided numerous management consulting services for our clients.  The varied experience of our staff can provide valuable insight to these types of projects.  Examples of services provided include the following: 


  • NERC Reliability Standards Compliance Program Development
  • Substation & Transmission Project Estimating Systems
  • Critical Path Scheduling System Implementation
  • Enterprise System Consulting
  • Training Services



Relay Panel Construction and Installation     

Orion Technical Services can provide a turnkey approach to our clients through offering various construction and installation services.  Examples of services which can be provided are the following:


  • Design and construction of relay and control panels of all types of designs ranging from small enclosures to large relay panels
  • Construction of relay replacement panels to simplify relay upgrade project
  • Installation of relay and control equipment for new projects or retrofit projects
  • Factory testing and commissioning services prior to panel shipment.  Panels can be shipped already tested and ready for installation.





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